Benefits Of Magento E-commerce Platform For Store Development

Benefits Of Magento E-commerce Platform For Store Development


The very foundation of any online store has to be vigorous and robust, only then can one manage the e-Commerce processes easily and profitably. At Bing Digital we ensure that an online store owner has the best possible platform to guarantee an excellent user experience. The platform caters to any customer wants and needs in a productive, quick and proficient manner, to make the online business success. As states in an article, the stakes are very high when redesigning an e-commerce site. So today we bring you the advantages of choosing Magento as the platform for your online store.

The most obvious benefit of Magento for an online store development is that it is an open source platform. This equates to most of its services being free. Because it is maintained by an ever expanding and skilled community of developers, the platform is being constantly improved upon. Extensions are added that incessantly meet the requirements and necessity of any e-commerce website. This is one of the reasons it is used by more than 200,000 online merchants in the entire world.

Magento as of today has control of forty percent of the market share. It is the ability of Magento to fit in any business that makes it so popular. When it comes to requirements, size or budget, one doesn’t have to worry about Magento being able to manage it. With three different versions Community Edition (open source), Enterprise Edition, Magento Go (hosted solution), the platform can serve a small business as well and as efficiently as a large scale venture. It is one of the most flexible business solutions for e-stores.

One of the biggest advantages that Magento gives is the convenience of handling more than one online store comfortably. No other platform offers the option of handling multiple online shopping sites from a single managing panel. With Magento, multiple store management is no more burdensome and problematic. A goof e-commerce site is one that offers as many features as possible to its customer. The more the number of aspects the better is the user experience and more the customer satisfaction. Magento excels at offering the most number of features. From wish lists to comparisons to advanced search to grouped products and even layered navigation Magento encompasses it all.

Another aspect of a top notch online shopping website is its ability to cater to a customer from any corner of the world. This means the platform of the e-store should have the flexibility to change the language and currency according to the geographical location of the consumer. With Magento, there are no geographical limitations which ensure that no matter where in the world the customer may be from, shopping on your site is simple and easy.

To build a successful business intermittent evaluation of the store is necessary. One needs to be aware of the products that sell fast, what is the condition of the inventory, what products need to be pushed, what is new and what is passé. For this, an in-depth report is needed. Magento makes it easy to analyze and plan by giving you an extensive reporting feature.